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How to Order


1. Come up with a list, in order of preference of what you would like to buy. Our What We Sell button on the Home Page gives a sample of what we sell. We are also happy to make suggestions if you need them.


2. Email us your list anytime at enquiries@gamespeopleplay.ca and include your phone number. Or call us  at 403-288-6146 during shopping hours


3. We will try our best to help you purchase something fun and will  collect your credit card information and your delivery address .


4. We will tell you when your order can be delivered or picked up.


5. We will deliver it to you. Ring your bell and leave it for you to bring in. 


6. We are maintaining a sanitized environment and we are all healthy. You may wish to wipe down your  purchase, for your own piece of mind .


7.  Enjoy your purchase!